On March 23rd, 2008, I finally picked up the bike I had been looking for - a 2004 Honda VFR in Asphalt Black (only year that color was available) with ABS. I purchased it with Pazzo short black levers, ProGrip dual sport grips, ProGrip Carbon Fiber Tank & Gas Cap Protectors.

In June/July 2011, I rode the bike from San Jose to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and back!

  • Puig dark smoke touring windscreen
  • Pazzo levers
  • Full OEM luggage set
  • 06+ VFR clear turn signal + rear lenses
  • Eagle Eye LED turn signal bulbs with Custom Dyamics relay
  • O2 Sensor Eliminators
  • NEP Cruise Control
  • Garmin Zumo 550 Motorcycle GPS
  • Sargent seat
  • Speedo Healer (speedometer calibrator)
  • Power Commander III USB (fuel injection remapper) w/ Coyze's map
  • PAIR valve and vacuum lines removed and TKO block off plates installed
  • Starcom1 Advance Motorcycle Communicator
  • Gutted stock exhaust [Youtube]
More pictures can be found here: http://photos.linquist.net/gallery/6601240_aS9V5

Maintenance/Repair Log